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Information Center / Re: MPire Mall Event Chronicle
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:01:23 pm »

Q1 2006

Tweej 24:7 (Tweej) and Imprimis (Imp) begin work on TWC2.
Triggered by success of the first TWC Real World Patch, work begins on its second instalment.

(Tony's Notes: - TWC stands for The Wrestling Channel, a Former TV Channel on the UK Sky Platform airing between 2003 & 2008 dedicated to showing indie wrestling shows such as Ring of Honour, NWA:TNA, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Pro Pain Pro Wrestling (3PW), World of Sport, New Japan (NJPW), Irish Whip Wrestling (IWW), IWW Japan & Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) ....i was a regular watcher of this channel .....NWA:TNA Specifically, and its responsible for my love of the indie scene today )

Teknoman (Tek) releases New Body Models V1.
Mallers were sceptical of his ability to pull it off, but he proved them wrong. This was the start of his rise to elite 3D modder status.

MDickie releases a Wrestling Encore content update pack which includes Simon S Hitler wrestler textures.
He didn't give Simon any credit or permission. Sparked suspicion that Matt browsed The Mall incognito.

Q2 2006

Tweej 24/7 and Imprimis complete TWC2.
Considered highly successful by many people.

Efedding becomes a staple Mall activity.
Debut of Mpire Mall Wrestling (MMW) and its show Burnout, Booked by Wonderland and edited by 'The Real' Big Pete

Detail Texture Templates (DTTs) are created.
Partially sparked TWC3 development.

The MPire Mall begins work on TWC3.
This was triggered by TWC2 success and the DTT creation.

Nips leaves on Millitary Duty and is inducted into the Mall of Fame,
Recognised as being a great modder and member.

Mddc creates a poll to determine if he should commit suicide.
He did it because Slick Trick's cousin supposedly stole his online girlfriend. The poll was deleted. After the polls deletion Mddc would threaten to hack The Mall and be subsequently banned

MDickie updates Wrestling Encore with new ear models (like Teknoman's), and later claims to be the sole innovator of high resolution textures in his games.
No credit was given to the MPire Mall. As was to be expected most Mallers were outraged.

Q3 2006

Ali-UK and Ross Shearer go Inactive
The former after completing a CM Punk mod and the latter after setting up a Grass Roots (MDickie football game) modding website

Kold OF Caelin is banned.
Whining and incompetence slowed down TWC3 and annoyed other members.

No Mercy Zone members join, criticizing Tweej 24/7 for using Juice's NMZ textures to create TWC3 textures.
Tweej defended himself, stating that once it's on the Internet, it's everyone's property.

Q4 2006

Tweej 24/7 withdraws from TWC3.
He became a father (Imp announced the birth of his kid), and couldn't give up any more time for TWC3.

Simon S goes inactive.
He simply lost interest in The Mall.

the MMW show Burnout is renamed to MMW Burnout: Reborn
Pete also takes over sole booking responsibility's after Wonderland steps down

Information Center / MPire Mall Event Chronicle
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:00:09 pm »

Sometime in between 2004 & 2006

Foundation of the Mpire Mall

The Mpire Mall is founded by Simon Sayers (Simon S) as a repository of mods for Matt Dickie's (MDickie) 2004 Indie game Wrestling Mpire, it begins life as a simonsayers.proboards domain

(Tony's Notes: - Not much info on exactly WHEN The Mall was founded exists so i have placed it between the release of Mpire and TWC2 for obvious reasons)

Most early Mpire mods emulated the MDickie style

Eventually the 2005 sequel Wrestling Encore arrived, and things continued to evolve.....

Then things got interesting........everyone wanted MORE real superstars...

With modellers on the scene, cool mods like Teks New Body Models V1 and WWE style Cage (although they wouldnt appear till after TWC2 started development but are included here as examples) were starting to slowly appear

Which ultimately lead to where we are today.....or at least what started it...

Information Center / Alumni and Mall of Famers
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 07:58:04 pm »
Devistator/Devistron (Dev)
Garland/Clean Cut
The Nightmare Ajax
DJ Claudio
Champion Gamer
Triple T
-The Original- Johnny Spyke
-The Real- Big Boxxy Johnny
The Great One
Positively Dewey
Simply Imagi (Simp)
Kenny Time
Pilsbury/The Laughing Man
Nolo King
Painkiller (PK)

Mall of Fame
---------Class of 2006---------
Ross Shearer
Simon S
---------Class of 2007---------
Tweej 24/7 (Tweej)
Imprimis (Imp)
Tranz 9/Tranz9koe (T9)
---------Class of 2008---------
Magik Travis (Magik T)
T-Neck (Tee)
---------Class of 2009---------
Teknoman (Tek)
'The Real' Big Pete
---------Class of 2010---------
Hipnosis (Hip)
---------Class of 2011---------
D3rang3d (D3)
--------Class of 2012---------
Tony Spike
Rob Collins
DGran (Dave)
Zarby Smash
---------Class of 2020---------
Luc Sifer
Mikey Truth
Centaurian (Cent)
High Flying Dwarf (HFD)

(Tonys Notes:- due to lack of information most of this list pre 2012 is guessed, if you have any corrections/additions please feel free to let me know)
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