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News Desk / Repopulating the Old Shows....
« Last post by -The Real- Big Pete on September 20, 2020, 04:39:05 pm »
I will start embedding the old shows once I have managed to track down the earliest episodes (Burnouts)...they are on discs somewhere in the hellhole I call the computer room...but I have yet to discover which of the enumerate disc folders I stored them in...having now thrice been thwarted by my own hoardery!

If other show owners want to have their back catalogue re-upped on the Mall YouTube Channel...or want to link your existing channel (if I've missed it) to that channel then hit me up!
Information Center / Legal Disclaimer
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:45:27 pm »
All logos on this site are considered Trademarks of MMW™️, MPire Mall™️, Encore Mall™️ & Revolution Mall™️ and their original creators in their present form, please seek permission before using them, any fonts used in the logos are owned by their individual creators and are adapted for our use under creative commons licence

MMW™️, Mpire Mall Wrestling™️, MPire Mall™️, Encore Mall™️, Revolution Mall™️, Mall of Fame™️ and The Mall™️ are all trademarks of The Mall Network Inc™️ and their original creators

any similarities to real life logos are used none profit & for parody purposes and as such are protected by the digital millennium copywrite act

it is considered by The Mall™️ and all of its subdivisions that any assumed reference to the character played by Mike Mizanin (hereafter referred to as The Miz) by the MMW™️ logo is false and therefore unenforceable by WWE,

The Mall™️ has considered this symbol a trademark in some way shape or form since 2006 (and we have the pages from Wayback Machine archived for legal purposes ......see included image) since WWE didnt use this symbol to repesent The Miz till 2011 any legal challenges will be met with the phrase "kindly fuck off Asshat's™️ we got their first"

Asshat™️ and Asshat's™️ are trademarks of 'The Real' Big Pete (2011)

Information Center / Admin Rules (recorded here for transparency)
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:44:05 pm »
  • No Perma-banning without Discussion, if someone cocks up put them in timeout (in the Jail Role) till a discussion can be had, use the admin area ..thats what it is their for
  • Use your common sense,
  • personal beefs must be checked at the door or admin privileges will be removed, we operate on a 3 strikes system here, strikes may be recorded in the relevant place ONCE A DISCUSSION HAS HAPPENED
  • Respect another admins authority is the same as yours, if you take issue with another admin do it in the admin chat, It undermines an admins authority to be belittled in front of everybody and serves no purpose only than bringing down the reputation of our staff
  • Use common sense, not everything is a personal attack and jokes happen even with admins (you are not a robot), check with another admin before taking action, consensus must be given before action can be decided,
Information Center / Member Rules
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:43:07 pm »

We are a gaming community and family, if you wish to join you MUST HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR and a positive mindset, we are all here for the love of wrestling and to share! so please be diligent with regards to the rules of this site and you will be treated accordingly

  • Be respectful to all members equally, discrimination or bullying will get you BANNED immediately.
  • The staff have the final say on everything. Respect your Admins and Moderators.
  • No direct sharing of illegal content of ANY kind. including Cracks or full games, Discussion of such topics is fine as long as you don't provide links to anything that isn't FTP
  • since the legality of emulation is a grey area, the Mall's stance on emulators is as follows,
    discussion & sharing of emulators and roms is fine but no DIRECT sharing (eg, direct linking to emulators or rom files) will be allowed here, linking to various emulation sites is fine however
  • No Spam anywhere outside the spam zone. No Trolls. & above all keep topics on topic
  • No Pornographic or X-Rated content ......WITHOUT EXCEPTION, this is a site intended for all ages and as such, even mild content will be dealt with severely, if you want porn .......go visit XVideos, its fucking free (pun intended)
  • Harsh language, .....whilst this is a place intended for all ages (as previously mentioned) it isn't Chucklevision or Peewees Playhouse, it is probably going to be primarily used by adults, so as such we don't discriminate against swearing, if you don't want to see it then ..hard left
  • The Jail thread is for appealing bans and discussing your time their with the staff, it IS NOT a place to piss them off, Admin abuse their will result in an INSTANT ban without exception
  • Do not try to impersonate someone you most certainly are not
  • Mod posting MUST follow the following template or we reserve the right to remove them

    Mod Name
    Mod Description (details please .....not 3 lines, or the word enjoy with a smiley face)
    Download Link
    Image of Mod

    Posing a single link is all well and good, but how do you expect people to trust that your link isnt to spyware .....people download what they can see
  • No paid mods, whilst we appreciate that you might feel that you deserve monetary compensation for your work, but we at The Mall will not host them, sorry
Information Center / Re: MPire Mall Event Chronicle
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:11:39 pm »

Q2 2020

The Revolution Begins
The Revolution Mall is founded by former mallers Champion Gamer & Tony Spike & new members Rise & KWG as a spiritual sucessor site to the original MPire Mall

Q3 2020

The old Mallers return after years of absence, bridges are built and old grudges are swept under the table

HFD Purchase's the MPire domain name.
He finally accomplishes his dream to own the mall,
Information Center / Re: MPire Mall Event Chronicle
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:10:07 pm »

Q2 2016

Tranz 9 Takes over ownership of MpireMall.Info.
Their were probably few takers at this point

Tony Spike is un-banned then re-banned again.
Dave allows Tony back on, Tony posts an apology and corrects some of the accusations on the Mall History page that he "couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery", new webmaster T9 removes his posts and re-bans him without comment,

(Tony's Notes: - i did more than anyone for TWC5 and did what i could, the project was more active when i was in charge then it was without me was The Mall in general, Champion Gamers words not mine)

Q3 2016

TWC5 beta 1 is released by DGran.
Dave has recognised that The Mall is stagnating and has lost interest in doing any more work on TWC5 it is bugfixed then released as is

The userbase goes AWOL.
By this point in time most of the old userbase had moved on to either better things, or didn't give a crap

Q3 2018

The End of an Era
The third incarnation of The Mall finally "dies" after T9 allows the domain to expire, as of 2019 the MPire domain belonged to a rather amateur (See Shady) looking porn site, unfortunately the sites current status is unknown
Information Center / Re: MPire Mall Event Chronicle
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:08:10 pm »

Q1 2012

DGran and Tony Spike establish the EFed Mall.
The EFed Mall (MPireMall.Info) is solely to be used for MWO efedding (because not everone on The Mall cares about that), and serves as a backup Mall should something happen to the MPire Mall again.

The EFed MPire Wrestling Association is created.
Created by Tony Spike.

The EFed Wrestling Dynasty is created.
Booked by Pillsbury.

The EFed Total Control Wrestling is created.
Created by Rob Collins as a colab between him Tony and Pillsbury.

Zarby Smash's UVW is removed from the MWO.
Zarby and the MWO could not reconcile. The catalyst was an unusual character submission by Boxxy Johnny that was accepted afterwards.

(Tony's Notes: - After the Skype Kliq thing it was easy to make them the villains and not want to give them any say, Boxxy had established an EFed camp that a lot of us were opposed to, and i think this joke character had been the final sin for some, it was accepted but Zarby was done being shoehorned alongside his friends)

DGran, Tony Spike & Rob Collins inducted into the Mall of Fame.
Inducted for their work saving The Mall, Tony However does not accept his membership due to backlash against this by the Skype Kliq,

(Tony's Notes: - I wasn't doing it for the MOF status anyway it made no bones to me)

Q2 2012

Zarby Smash is banned then unbanned. and HFD is demoted as an EFed Mall admin.
DGran banned Zarby without asking the other admins, but Zarby was later unbanned. HFD called DGran stupid for doing it. HFD grew more and more disinterested in the Mall, and it showed in his nonchalant Admin Zone comments whenever a problem arose. As a result, he was demoted to a GM on the EFed Mall.

High Flying Dwarf has a meltdown and is banned.
HFD screwed with the sites settings and demoted all administrators except for Big Pete and Hammer. He was seemingly bitter about Dave and Tony's successful push for an EFed Mall and the fact that they had the power to demote him over their.

(Tony's Notes: - me and Dave had nothing to do with his demotion)

Teknoman cleans up High Flying Dwarfs mess.
In addition, Big Pete promotes all previously demoted admins to their rightful admin status.

The "Other Other Other" Mall is created.
Created by Zarby and HFD so they can do whatever the fuck they want, many other Mallers join them their including Clean Cut, T9, Boxxy and Inico

Clean Cut shoots on Tony Spike on Youtube and is banned again along with anyone else associated with the "Other Mall".
Cut was apparently pissed because the "Other Mall" had set up an EFed called MWA and Tony had mentioned in passing that he had a fed called that, Garland responded by calling SWA "a joke" on Youtube, this was seen as mildly amusing to Tony

(Tony's Notes: - i found it amusing since SWA didn't really exist on the mall at that point and hadn't for 2 years .....and i though he had picked the name MWA on purpose so had no right to act like a bitch)

Hammer betrays The Mall.
Hammer sells the MPireMall.Net from under its members, He hadn't mentioned anything to ANY other admins (The new overlord didn't make any effort to contact us either) and all of a sudden had gained $7,000 dollars for the sale of shared property!, the Forums Move to the site occupied by the EFed Mall,

Q3 2012

'The Real' Big Pete changes MMW Rampage to MMW Livewire.
Done to keep the peace between sites, HFD was given the name Rampage since he came up with it

Q4 2012

A Patreon page is set up to aid TWC5 development.
Dave needed money for all the coding tools he was using

Peace is restored.
Big Pete undoes all bans of "Other Mall members as a further gesture of peace

Q3 2013

Tony Spike is demoted and steps down from TWC5.
He is demoted as an admin, he had become increasingly distracted by the deteriarion of his personal life and wasn't in the best of places mentally speaking, Tony had now taken up the status of The Malls attack dog/personal Batman by trolling the trolls and as such had been becoming an out right asshole more steadily for a while

(Tony's Notes: - in fairness to the other admins i think it was to them a case of the lesser of two evils)

Q4 2013

Tony Spike is finally banned.
Banned after a Facebook argument with T9 goes nasty. be honest it had been inevitable for a while, T9's comments about his family life had simply been the thing that caused him to go full Claudio and say something truly evil
Information Center / Re: MPire Mall Event Chronicle
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:07:29 pm »

Q1 2009

Work begins on TWC4.
The first mod was made by MagikT. Hipnosis and Sero claimed leadership over the project (Self-proclaimed) but would soon lose it, ..they sucked too much at leading

Tomthedude commits Tomicide
Tomthedude has a meltdown, he was frustrated by Krusher's permanent ban and took it out of Hipnosis, he was banned for his troubles ......from now on the act of getting yourself banned in this way became known as committing Tomicide

(Tony's Notes: - Hipnosis was also put in the hot seat, but the overall result caused the spam prevention rules to be created and enforced ....ironically Krusher's permaban would be rescinded and he would re-appear Tom however would not)

The Spam Zone is created.
Allowed TWC4 to be productive, and spammers to spam.

Tranz 9 is temp-banned.
The temp-ban was only for a week, he didn't seem fazed by it, unfortunately several Mallers didn't even notice he was gone

Q2 2009

EMO is banned.
11 year old that disrupted the TWC4 project with excessive incompetence. Inspiration for the "Bulls-eye Baby" MPire Mall definition.

Cuey accuses 2007777 of stealing No Mercy Zone textures.
Proven to be a lie by MagikT.

2007777 dies?
2007777's brother and mod sidekick Twobro tells the mall that 200777 has died, he did it presumably to gauge how much The Mall really appreciated his bro's work.

Centurian (Cent) is banned.
He (inadvertently) admitted to piracy. Created several accounts to plead his case.

Q3 2009

Centaurian returns.
He joined the TWC4 team as a 3D model and texture artist.

MagikT abruptly quits TWC4 and modding.
Presumably triggered by Krusher mistakenly giving T-Neck full credit for the TWC4 guitar. He edited post to give proper credit, but it was too late.

Q4 2009

MPire Mall and Encore Mall merge.
Teknoman returns after a year and a half absence. he is given his own separate board on the MPire Mall

DJ Caudio returns to take over MMW Beatdown.
Triggered by talks between Pete and Claudio. Resulted in EFedders Only membergroup

Q1 2010

DJ Claudio is banned...........Again.
Spoiled WarZone show to protest Pete's slow pace.

High Flying Dwarf takes over MMW Beatdown and renames it to MMW Rampage.
Considered top choice for the revolving door GM Spot. A new intro for Rampage was created by L.A.W.

Work on TWC4 is completed.
Wrestler lighting was criticised, but on the whole it is considered much more successful than TWC3.

Q2 2010

Unnamed Project begins development.
New Member Tony Spike, proposes the idea alongside his friends -The Original- Johnny Spyke, Joker & Rob Collins, Name changed to Wrestling MPire 2011, and then eventually WM12 Featuring TWC5.

(Tony's Notes: - I probably wasn't a big enough member for Tee to remember me proposing the idea to HFD to start TWC5 so he hadn't noted it down, i really wanted to be part of a community project since i joined soon after TWC4 was finished and thus missed it,

The name was decided to be Wrestling MPire 2011 by the admins of the project, but became WM12 Featuring TWC5 after we put up resistance to make a poll, ....i still to this day hate the name though ...its too wordy)

High Flying Dwarf and Teknoman take leadership of WM12 Featuring TWC5.
TWC4 production formula was errantly copied.

Q3 2010

Imprimis is sighted.
Codes menu music system for TWC4 Updated then promptly disappears into the ether, ....guess thats what Hangers do best Piglet.

Macbry is banned.
Dangerously emotional. Had several self-pity meltdowns and constantly nagged the Mallers about giving credit where it's due.

Jester is banned.
Was a spam happy, annoying freelance [entertainer]. Once impersonated Dean Malenko to sneak back into the Mall.

Joker is banned.
Created an alt account, would become infamous for making several comeback attempts, problem was he always used a variation of his favourite wrestlers name as his account name, ....a certain Randall Kieth

The EFed Ultra Violent Wrestling (UVW) is created.
Booked by Zarby Smash. soon becomes infamous for its bucking of several Mall EFed traditions, and its creation of the "Skype Kliq" it would however define the careers of several members including Tony Spike, Clean Cut, Rob Collins, Kenny Time and Inico

(Tony's Notes: - those "Bucked traditions" are as follows, rather than allowing the computer to sim the matches, Zarby BOOKS his matches outright, secretly subverts Mall rules to stream his fed live on UStream with a "UStream Party" before posting to The Mall .....HFD would go on to embrace both of these practices for Rampage down the line as would SPW)

The MPire Mall starts suffering extreme bouts of errors.
GoDaddy told HAMMER what was causing the problem... at the last minute.

Q4 2010

The EFeds Nytro Hydro Wrestling (NHW) & Spike Wrestling Association (SWA) are created.
Booked by Rob Collins and Tony Spike respectively

Hipnosis passes ownership of SPW to both DGran (Dave) and D3rang3d (D3).
Hip wanted to spend more time improving his offline life

DGran has a meltdown.
Clean Cut (Garland), had suggested to HFD that he didnt think DGran was capable of doing SPW justice, HFD created a poll that Dave took umbrage with, Clean Cut was banned for creating turbulance, as was Chupacabra (Chup) who aggressively protested the poll to get banned intentionally

(Tony's Notes - Remember the Skype Kliq i mentioned earlier, it consisted of Zarby Smash, Clean Cut, The Nightmare Ajax, -The Real- Big Boxxy Johnny (Boxxy), Hipnosis, Inico, Kenny Time, Deamon, Rob Collins, Tony Spike & Bladebeta911 (Chris) and is so named cos we would hold talks on Skype,

Clean Cut was a member of this group with lots backstage clout in Rampage creative (Thanks to his awesome play by play) and also UVW & SPW creative (as a result of being friends with Zarby and Hip) as a result when Dave's changes to SPW (Hips creation) and pace were discussed by the group....he made sure that voice listened to by HFD who was not only booking Rampage but was a site admin

Me, Rob and Chris would kind of distance ourselves from the group after this but HFD would slowly gravitate towards it)

D3rang3d withdraws from SPW ownership.
Withdrew due to inactivity.

Q1 2011

The "Other, Other" Mall is created and Invades The Mall.
EWE is created by Joker & Ddubman with Chupacabra as an admin, a few of their members would take it upon themselves to appear in The Malls shoutbox and spam, this would begin a several month long "war" between the two sites.

MPire Mall returns the favour.
Tony, Dave, HFD, Zarby and a few others band together to invade EWE and post all over their boards and shoutbox

'The Real' Big Pete declares EWE a no go zone for Mallers on pain of banishment.
Most people that created accounts their comply and delete them, Dave & Tony however do not.

(Tony's Notes: - I hadn't wanted to give them the pleasure of banning me so i just used to invade an unprotected shoutbox)

EWE site encounters "difficulty's", Tony Spike is blamed.
Tony (who had never bothered to hide his identity on EWE's Shoutbox) counters by telling them that "You think i would cause so much trouble and not make sure you KNEW it was me?", Joker seems to think he has a point

Tony convinces Dave to go over to EWE and broker peace between the two sites.
Told EWE that The Mall would stop invasions. Tony however goes back occasionally over the next 3 years to talk to his old friends Joker & Dubman

Q2 2011

Tony Spike joins WM12 Feat. TWC5 as project leader.
Done after discussion of WM12 progress. immediately changes the name to TWC5 cos it was a "bloody mouthful"

Tony Spike restructures TWC5 development and appoints DGran and Masson (Steve) as department heads under him.
Tony's goal is to streamline production by having a more concise goal in mind, so to that effect he creates a list of targets to reach and gives his most trusted coder and 3D guy the job of helping to organise the sides of things he knows nothing about (Tony is a 2D artist)

The Skype Kliq is back and 'The Real' Big Pete demotes UVW to EFed Tier 2.
Caused by misinterpreted SPW criticism. seems Dave cant catch a break

The Nightmare Ajax boycotts The Mall.
He was protesting Big Pete, calling him a dictator

UVW is promoted to EFed Tier 1.
Done after talks with Zarby Smash. Ajax however is banned, this was seen as inevitable and had probably been brewing since his buddy Macbry was banned.

Clean Cut is un-banned.
Done after talks with Clean Cut.

Simon S returns.
Came back to start FedOn project that will update the original MDickie style in WM08. he calls it Wrestling Mpire HD

DGran withdraws as lead coder of TWC5.
Due to criticism by the Skype Kliq of SPW and other things, he says he will still help, but is no longer "go-to-guy." Tony convinces him to stay

Q3 2011

2007777 returns and has a meltdown shortly afterward.
Criticized the super-sluggish pace of TWC5 wrestler modding and vote participation.

(Tony's Notes: - Pace had picked up and we had done more in 3 months since i had took over than in the previous 3 years, but not a lot of people seemed interested in voting, each mod needed 10 yes votes to get in ......and its hard to make people vote)

The Mall Wrestling Organisation (MWO) is (temporarily) terminated.
Primarily caused by a dispute over contract time frames in the MPire Mall EFedding scene. A few days later, the MWO reformed.

'The Real' Big Pete temporarily withdraws from the MPire Mall to avoid more stress caused by the contract & MWO situation.
He misinterpreted Zarby Smash explanation of his past actions as an attack, which was the last straw.

A major debate (more so a pursuit of truth) happens in the Shoutbox between 'The Real' Big Pete and the Skype Kliq.
The Shoutbox confrontation was supposed to happen on Skype, but Pete and Tee decided to seize the moment and start it in the Shoutbox.

A virus wipes out the MPire Mall, forcing Hammer to ditch GoDaddy and setup everything up on a new webhost.
Devistron (Dev) was the initial culprit due to posting malware, and was banned. It was discovered to be a deep, complicated server side issue.

(Tony's Notes: - Dev, also known as Devistator was infamous for his idiocy,

Highlights include but are not limited to:

Attempting a top rope bombs away on an episode of SWA Pulse, only to faceplant the canvas and tumble over the top rope to the outside, he was sent back to the MWO Training Dungeon after this,

posting a texture of his new EFed attire, marvelling at the "cool eagle logo he had found" until i pointed out that the "cool eagle" he had found was a Reichsadler, a Nazi symbol ..he hadn't even edited out the swastika, shouts of Devisnazi ring out, He was picked up by Warzone and given a Tron legacy gimmick soon after)

Q4 2011

Fahad FBK joins the mall and is immediately banned.
Took umbrage to the idea that his "L33T" mods were crappy,and was banned for his attitude problem

(Tony's Notes: - FBK is an indian kid who thought low res No Mercy textures were good enough for TWC4 despite being 2x smaller, his facebook page was a kid in shades and full of squeeing fangirls witch shows the type of guy he was)

DGran temporarily withdraws from the MPire Mall, SPW and TWC5.
He set unrealistic deadlines and expectations for his own programming process, which burned him out. He was also annoyed by how the "blunt brats" act towards older members, and other signs of disrespect - particularly shown by the Skype Kliq. He later reconsidered.

Supreme Pro Wrestling is left in limbo.
Its fate was left in the hands of Mikey Truth and the MWO.

Zarby Smash withdraws from The Mall.
It was a sarcastic reaction to Dave's brief departure, although he was genuinely annoyed by the Skype Kliq criticism and the fact that he still gets associated with that stigma.

DJ Claudio makes a brief return, due to a flaw in the sites new WordPress ban/registration system.
Despite his heartfelt apologies to those he clashed with and having changed his given name to Claudio, Warrior style, he still hadn't changed and was banned again.

Macbry returns and then gets banned again.
Inevitable really

Jester returns ....actually sticks around.
Jester had made it back due to the same flaw that had let Macbry and Claudio back, he is the only one who has actually changed.
Information Center / Re: MPire Mall Event Chronicle
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:05:46 pm »

Q1 2008

MMW Burnout Reborn is renamed to MMW Warzone
I guess it was considered a better name than Burnout: Reborn

2007 MPIRE MALL AWARDS results are announced.
Started the trend of annual Slammy style award ceremonies. Several members are also inducted into the Mall of Fame, and it is decided that from this point forward entry would be granted through the awards itself rather than at random intervals.

Q4 2008

MPire Detail Templates are created.
Made primarily to put an end to recycled TWC3 textures in eFeds but would later be used in the creation of TWC4.

The EFed Supreme Pro Wrestling (SPW) begins.
Booked by Mikey Truth.

Mankind (No not that one) creates The Malls first joke mod.
It was a mod of Hulk Hogan intentionally made entirely in MS Paint.

(Tony's Notes: - Simon S Hitler mod was a mod meant to fit in with MDickie's style so im guessing this is why Tee dosnt count it as one on this occasion)
Information Center / Re: MPire Mall Event Chronicle
« Last post by Mr Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:03:20 pm »

Q1 2007

Ownership of MPireMall.Net transfers from Simon S to Hammer.
The Mall had needed a new message board/server with better features for a while. Hammer moves the main site from Simon S server over to Godaddy, and also moves the forums over from Proboards to Simple Machines

DJ Claudio becomes an admin.
Imp and MagikT had assumed that he bought the .NET domain. .........he hadn't

Teknoman creates Encore Mall.
He was angered by the circumstances of the MPire Malls transfer.

(Tony's Notes: - The old proboards site was left blank with only the message Fuck You Simon You Emo Bitch! at the top of the board, i would assume Tek took umbridge to this)

Q2 2007

Nips returns.
Helped out with TWC3.

MMW Brand extension begin's & debut of MMW Beatdown!
Originally booked by Pete (Burnout) & Nips (Beatdown), Pete would become interim booker of Beatdown not long afterwards

THE Meltdown.
A Mall Wide argument (Though mostly involving Imp, Nips, Tek and Claudio) erupts. with the end result being that both Tek and Claudio are banned.

(Tony's Notes: - Not much information is known to me of what happened but T-Neck notes that Claudio was banned for causing "Drama and administrative conflict." and i remember this still being a big talking point for most members 2 years later)

Tranz 9 (T9) leaves and is inducted into the Mall of Fame.
Had to go away for a while. inducted as a "Highly Charismatic Member"

The "Other" Mall is created by DJ Claudio.
 He bought the domain name MPireMall.Com to protest both MPire and Encore Malls.

TWC3 beta arena is leaked by MPireMall.Com
Claudio got the arena when he was made a Mall Admin.

T-Neck (Tee) demands TWC3 work pace increase.
The end result was TWC3 had incomplete movesets.

Nips has a meltdown.
Was frustrated by slow pace of completing wrestler textures.

Q3 2007

The MPire Mall completes work on TWC3.
Considered successful, but incomplete movesets received lots of criticism from players.

The EFed Total Mayhem Tension (TMT) begins.
Booked by Hipnosis (Hip).

Tranz 9 returns.
Began posting videos of his show, the T9 Word.

Q4 2007

Tesirus retires from modding.
He eventually became a "Hanger".

(Tony's Notes: - Hanger, Mall speak for one who often appears online on the forums but dosnt post much - sometimes known as a "Lurker" in other places)
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