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Information Center / Legal Disclaimer
« on: September 17, 2020, 08:45:27 pm »
All logos on this site are considered Trademarks of MMW™️, MPire Mall™️, Encore Mall™️ & Revolution Mall™️ and their original creators in their present form, please seek permission before using them, any fonts used in the logos are owned by their individual creators and are adapted for our use under creative commons licence

MMW™️, Mpire Mall Wrestling™️, MPire Mall™️, Encore Mall™️, Revolution Mall™️, Mall of Fame™️ and The Mall™️ are all trademarks of The Mall Network Inc™️ and their original creators

any similarities to real life logos are used none profit & for parody purposes and as such are protected by the digital millennium copywrite act

it is considered by The Mall™️ and all of its subdivisions that any assumed reference to the character played by Mike Mizanin (hereafter referred to as The Miz) by the MMW™️ logo is false and therefore unenforceable by WWE,

The Mall™️ has considered this symbol a trademark in some way shape or form since 2006 (and we have the pages from Wayback Machine archived for legal purposes ......see included image) since WWE didnt use this symbol to repesent The Miz till 2011 any legal challenges will be met with the phrase "kindly fuck off Asshat's™️ we got their first"

Asshat™️ and Asshat's™️ are trademarks of 'The Real' Big Pete (2011)

Information Center / Admin Rules (recorded here for transparency)
« on: September 17, 2020, 08:44:05 pm »
  • No Perma-banning without Discussion, if someone cocks up put them in timeout (in the Jail Role) till a discussion can be had, use the admin area ..thats what it is their for
  • Use your common sense,
  • personal beefs must be checked at the door or admin privileges will be removed, we operate on a 3 strikes system here, strikes may be recorded in the relevant place ONCE A DISCUSSION HAS HAPPENED
  • Respect another admins authority is the same as yours, if you take issue with another admin do it in the admin chat, It undermines an admins authority to be belittled in front of everybody and serves no purpose only than bringing down the reputation of our staff
  • Use common sense, not everything is a personal attack and jokes happen even with admins (you are not a robot), check with another admin before taking action, consensus must be given before action can be decided,

Information Center / Member Rules
« on: September 17, 2020, 08:43:07 pm »

We are a gaming community and family, if you wish to join you MUST HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR and a positive mindset, we are all here for the love of wrestling and to share! so please be diligent with regards to the rules of this site and you will be treated accordingly

  • Be respectful to all members equally, discrimination or bullying will get you BANNED immediately.
  • The staff have the final say on everything. Respect your Admins and Moderators.
  • No direct sharing of illegal content of ANY kind. including Cracks or full games, Discussion of such topics is fine as long as you don't provide links to anything that isn't FTP
  • since the legality of emulation is a grey area, the Mall's stance on emulators is as follows,
    discussion & sharing of emulators and roms is fine but no DIRECT sharing (eg, direct linking to emulators or rom files) will be allowed here, linking to various emulation sites is fine however
  • No Spam anywhere outside the spam zone. No Trolls. & above all keep topics on topic
  • No Pornographic or X-Rated content ......WITHOUT EXCEPTION, this is a site intended for all ages and as such, even mild content will be dealt with severely, if you want porn .......go visit XVideos, its fucking free (pun intended)
  • Harsh language, .....whilst this is a place intended for all ages (as previously mentioned) it isn't Chucklevision or Peewees Playhouse, it is probably going to be primarily used by adults, so as such we don't discriminate against swearing, if you don't want to see it then ..hard left
  • The Jail thread is for appealing bans and discussing your time their with the staff, it IS NOT a place to piss them off, Admin abuse their will result in an INSTANT ban without exception
  • Do not try to impersonate someone you most certainly are not
  • Mod posting MUST follow the following template or we reserve the right to remove them

    Mod Name
    Mod Description (details please .....not 3 lines, or the word enjoy with a smiley face)
    Download Link
    Image of Mod

    Posing a single link is all well and good, but how do you expect people to trust that your link isnt to spyware .....people download what they can see
  • No paid mods, whilst we appreciate that you might feel that you deserve monetary compensation for your work, but we at The Mall will not host them, sorry

Information Center / MPire Mall Event Chronicle
« on: September 17, 2020, 08:00:09 pm »

Sometime in between 2004 & 2006

Foundation of the Mpire Mall

The Mpire Mall is founded by Simon Sayers (Simon S) as a repository of mods for Matt Dickie's (MDickie) 2004 Indie game Wrestling Mpire, it begins life as a simonsayers.proboards domain

(Tony's Notes: - Not much info on exactly WHEN The Mall was founded exists so i have placed it between the release of Mpire and TWC2 for obvious reasons)

Most early Mpire mods emulated the MDickie style

Eventually the 2005 sequel Wrestling Encore arrived, and things continued to evolve.....

Then things got interesting........everyone wanted MORE real superstars...

With modellers on the scene, cool mods like Teks New Body Models V1 and WWE style Cage (although they wouldnt appear till after TWC2 started development but are included here as examples) were starting to slowly appear

Which ultimately lead to where we are today.....or at least what started it...

Information Center / Alumni and Mall of Famers
« on: September 17, 2020, 07:58:04 pm »
Devistator/Devistron (Dev)
Garland/Clean Cut
The Nightmare Ajax
DJ Claudio
Champion Gamer
Triple T
-The Original- Johnny Spyke
-The Real- Big Boxxy Johnny
The Great One
Positively Dewey
Simply Imagi (Simp)
Kenny Time
Pilsbury/The Laughing Man
Nolo King
Painkiller (PK)

Mall of Fame
---------Class of 2006---------
Ross Shearer
Simon S
---------Class of 2007---------
Tweej 24/7 (Tweej)
Imprimis (Imp)
Tranz 9/Tranz9koe (T9)
---------Class of 2008---------
Magik Travis (Magik T)
T-Neck (Tee)
---------Class of 2009---------
Teknoman (Tek)
'The Real' Big Pete
---------Class of 2010---------
Hipnosis (Hip)
---------Class of 2011---------
D3rang3d (D3)
--------Class of 2012---------
Tony Spike
Rob Collins
DGran (Dave)
Zarby Smash
---------Class of 2020---------
Luc Sifer
Mikey Truth
Centaurian (Cent)
High Flying Dwarf (HFD)

(Tonys Notes:- due to lack of information most of this list pre 2012 is guessed, if you have any corrections/additions please feel free to let me know)

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