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Whats up, people! I'm Daniel!

A little bit about me

I'm 26, born in july, i'm from Lodi, New Jersey, but i moved to Auckland New Zealand around 2010-ish, and i've lived there ever since, since i have dual citizenship! (Mom in US, dad in NZ) but i've never wanted to leave NZ, even if theres a lot of crime, i love everything here.

Here are my favorite things out of each of these categories.

Favorite (WWE) Wrestling Game: HCTP/2k14
Favorite (NON-WWE) Wrestling Game: Wrestling Encore.
Favorite Non-Wrestling Game: God Of War III/Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2/NHL 12
Favorite Band: How can i be born in Lodi and not like the Misfits? Misfits or Megadeth.
Instruments I've Played: Guitar, Bass Guitar.

That's as much as i can fire off the top of my head at 9AM, hah. This forum is so old school, and i love it!
"When I first began to write, I was writing on bass, because I was thinking more Public Image, more dub."

 - Gavin Rossdale