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Tony Spike (Submission Form Template)
« on: August 12, 2021, 05:42:50 pm »

Name:- Tony Spike
Nickname(s):- The Captain of Chaos

Entrance Theme(s):-  Tonys Notes: - you are allowed to specify one for each alignment if you wish however its use is something you should talk to creative about, it is preferred that you use a public domain song as this will prevent any copyright strikes on YouTube. Certain versions of songs may be acceptable (for example, Lemmy doing a cover version of an AC/DC song is fine...the original song by AC/DC is an instant red flag!), but please be flexible if your booker approaches you with ideas for alternatives.
                                         Face:- Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
                                         Heel:- Disturbed - The Vengeful One

Gimmick Description:- Tonys Notes: - again you are allowed to specify for each alignment as long as they dont vary too wildly, it wont really affect anything in game, just gives a description of how the character is roleplayed
                                         Face:- Psychopathic Anarchist
                                         Heel:- Cult Leader
                                         Neutral:- Sado-Masochist

Favorite Moves:-     Tonys Notes: - a list of up to 4 favourite moves, where you place them in your move set is up to you but mine are replacement signature's and finishers used when i change alignment, you may use them as you wish but speak to your booker before you change
                                         Flying Elbow Drop
                                         Evenflow DDT/Impaler DDT
                                         Corner Spear
                                         Insanity's Edge (Outside/Razors Edge)

Signature Moves:-     Tonys Notes: - you are allowed 2 named signatures, situational signatures (such as outside the ring) do not count but it is recommended you set them the same whenever possible for continuity, if the move has an original name place the old one in brackets
                                         Side Effect 2
                                         Righteous Indignation (Deep Six)

Finishing Moves:- Tonys Notes: - you are also allowed 2 named Finishers, situational Finishers and OMG Moments are the same deal as with situational signatures)
                                         The Original Sin (Black Hole Slam)
                                         Gates of Oblivion (Anaconda Vice)

Background Description:-
since this is just an example application i wont write my characters backstory here (its well known to MMW anyways) and instead just tell you that here is where you can add all this info, and a little bit about the characters motivations ect, it is not essential that you write the next Harry Potter but the more you add, the easier it will be for your creative to come with storylines for you with story


Side Plates:-

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