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Author Topic: [Show #6] Dragon Trial (8th, May 2011)  (Read 5135 times)


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[Show #6] Dragon Trial (8th, May 2011)
« on: December 26, 2020, 07:39:11 pm »
Bonus Match:   Devlyn Vs Josh Stone     (Special Guest Referee)

Devlyn makes his way out to the ring as the crowd begins to boo him, he rolls into the ring and taunts at them while laughing to himself. The boos turn to cheer as Josh Stone steps out of the curtain, he takes off his yellow glasses and slides into the ring. They both then get in each other’s face until an SWA Management member walks out with a microphone in hand. The person tells us that they had a hard time discussing who should be the man to “Call it straight down the middle.” He then introduces the Special Guest Referee, but a mysterious man walks out in a dark cloak. He gets into the ring and stands in the corner and slowly calls for the bell.

Devlyn then quickly grabs Stone’s head and throws him overhead with a Headlock Takedown, Josh quickly uses his leg strength and wraps his legs around Devlyn’s head, but springs himself out of it and they both get back up to their feet. Stone then throws Devlyn into the air and slams his jaw off his knee, hitting a Knee Jawbreaker. Devlyn checks his mouth for blood, until Stone runs off the ropes and hits an Elbow Drop to the jaw, he hooks the leg but the mysterious referee doesn’t move. Stone gets up from the pin and walks over to him, he wonders what’s going on until Devlyn sneakily gets back to his feet and grabs both Stone’s legs, he then lifts him up onto his shoulders while slowly walking to the centre of the ring, he then drops back and hits an Electric Chair onto Stone. Devlyn picks himself up and kicks Stone in the back, he picks him up and punches him in the face, he then kicks him in the abdomen and goes for another kick, but Stone grabs his boot, he throws Devlyn around and hits a Clothesline sending them both down.

Josh Stone grabs his head and picks him up, he goes to throw him but Devlyn instead throws Stone into the ropes, he runs back at him and Stone gets thrown overhead with a Back Body Drop. Devlyn sits Stone up and slams his knee into Stone’s back, he drives his knee into Stone’s back while putting on a Chinlock. Devlyn looks at the person in the corner of the ring standing there, menacingly. Devlyn lets go of the Chinlock and throws Stone to the canvas, he gets to his feet and walks over to the referee while, the mysterious person continues to do nothing while Devlyn angrily stares at him. Stone crawls over to Devlyn and grabs his boot, Devlyn then stomps on Stone’s head and picks him up while hooking the head, he slams his knee into the abdomen and then grabs his waist, he lifts him up in the air overhead and slams him down with a Gutwrench Powerbomb, he hooks the leg but the person will still not move from the corner. Devlyn starts hitting the canvas in frustration, he gets up to his feet and walks over again to the person. He gets in his face until he looks at the crowd and smirk at him, he looks to the crowd as they send heat to Devlyn.

Josh Stone suddenly gets up to his feet and pulls Devlyn towards him, he kicks him in the back while grabbing his head and hits a Neckbreaker on him. Stone tries to get back up while the crowd begins to cheer him on, Stone rolls to his feet as Devlyn gets one knee, Stone then punches him in the face, he kicks him in the jaw which causes Devlyn to stumble back still on one knee, Stone runs off the ropes and tackles Devlyn down with a Leg Lariat, he goes for a cover but still gets no count. Stone gets up while looking confused at the referee, he begins to pick Devlyn back up until Devlyn quickly slides behind Stone and rolls him over with a Roll-up, but again no count is made. Devlyn lets go of the Roll-up and shouts in anger, he gets to his feet and storms over to the referee, he then starts to shout in his face and then threatens to punch him. Devlyn goes to punch him until he stops before contact, Devlyn then arrogantly smirks as his puts his fist down. Devlyn turns around and taunts to the booing crowd, until suddenly, the mysterious person throws off his dark cloak and is revealed to be SWA’s Ian Shane!

Devlyn turns around and the smirk is quickly wiped off his face, as Ian Shane leans back and connects a huge Super Kick to Devlyn’s jaw, causing him to stumble away, Josh Stone then quickly grabs Devlyn’s head and hits him with the Stone Showcase, Stone quickly hooks the leg and Ian Shane makes the 3 count… Winner via Stone Showcase: Josh Stone

After the match, Josh Stone celebrates as he gets out of the ring, he makes his way to the back as Ian Shane begins to laugh to himself while Devlyn looks angrily at him.

The camera shows Hocktus outside of the arena, looking into the distance. He is not yet in his gear and is leaning up against the wall. He puts his hands inside the pockets of a jacket he is wearing. Hocktus then looks at the camera with self-confidence and says he came close to losing his career once a couple years ago, and he won’t be losing it tonight either. He says he remembers The Dragon’s Nest back in 2006, when it was just Dino Nuo and Dan McMinalen, two young guys who wanted nothing but triumph and success. They suddenly get a third member who wants the exact same thing and claim that he is the “virus” of NHW… He then gets off of the wall and stares deeply down of the camera and says he may or may not be the virus, but tonight he will be and he will, exterminate The Dragon’s Nest. Hocktus then walks away as the camera zooms in on the sky.