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Making of a Prophet
« on: December 15, 2020, 03:59:20 am »
WARNING: Player discretion is advised, Game contains subjects/depictions that could be interpreted as offensive to Islam (maybe thats why MDickie has disowned it) we at MPire Mallâ„¢️ and Revolution Mallâ„¢ will take no responsibility for your offence (after all you have the choice to download and play it), this file is here (and will remain here) for archive purposes only

The metaphor of The You Testament is given a controversial twist in this Islamic interpretation of the
concept! Travel back in time to ancient Arabia during the "Days Of Ignorance" and shadow the Prophet Muhammad as he struggles to enlighten his pagan contemporaries. Having been granted a glimpse of the true nature of reality, he beholds mankind to have gone astray and seeks to reunite them with their creator. Follow in his footsteps across 20 unique locations and become his most trusted companion as his destiny gradually unfolds. It doesn't promise to be easy, however, as a disbelieving public and an oppressive Quraysh regime seek to stifle his fledgling movement! Featuring over 100 authentic storylines and scriptural references for further reading, The Making Of A Prophet is a timely reminder of the definition of Islam...

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