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TWC III Download
« on: December 14, 2020, 09:26:10 am »

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1. Install Wrestling Encore!

2. Check that the game works!

3. Update to 1.6 using THIS GUIDE  < click that!

4. Check that the game works, no thumbtacks in everyones hands for a start!

5. Install TWC3!

Please note that it is advised that you install a fresh install of Wrestling Encore 1.6. Otherwords, install it to a new folder (not over an existing one) so that you can easily install the TWCIII patch over it.

The TWCIII patch weighs in at 167MB as the installer and your Wrestling Encore folder will increase to a size of 264MB once installed (based on a fresh install of WE 1.6).

This patch may not work for everybody, as it is a huge step up from the default game. It is not known at this time what the minimum specs are to run this patch, but this will be answered based upon feedback.

Depending on how powerful your computer is, this patch will take a major toll on the execution of the game and on the loading time. Don't be surprised to see a black screen screen hang for a little while before the intro starts. Following that,  you will most likely sit through a LONG LOADING TIME. This is normal, don't worry. Mashing the keyboard or clicking the mouse in frustration during this time will crash the game.

This is still essentially an unfinished mod and there will be a later release that contains the rest of the movesets (around half are still missing), and fixes based on feedback and requests. While you have a right to voice your opinions on the mod, please try to avoid reprimanding us for releasing it in a somewhat unfinished state. We are releasing an "earlier-than-100%-mod" so that YOU can help.

There is a TWC3 FAQ/Help Section where you can post any performance or game problems whatsoever. Please avoid posting any problems in this thread, only leave your review of the mod (what's hot, what's not, et cetera).

There is also a Lite version for those that find this version is too demanding for their pc.
Credit Hammer :
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Re: TWC III Download
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2020, 09:37:56 am »
Please only post your reviewed opinion in this thread, DO NOT post problems questions or go off topic.
Hit or Miss comments only!!! (Note - this topic is locked as of 2020)

I would wish to thank everyone for contributing to TWC3 you are amazing talented modders.

I wish to thank specifically and personally Turtleneck and Hammer for their dedication to the project from start to finish.
Turtleneck, as ive said before, astounding, You have the talent of a full 3d artist and texturing team in just one man, im really really appreciative of your talents been shared on the Mall. I cant put into words how much work this man has done towards TWC3, amazing brilliance and wow.
Arena, sound, graphics, wrestlers, etc, etc,etc TWC3 has the Turtleneck trademark in every little nuck and cranny.
Little known fact: the TWC3 wallpaper that was in the fanpack i sent everyone a little while back was actually a snapshot of the ceiling of the arena ;)

and Hammer, A man who doesnt know when to sleep, im pretty sure when he does sleep his dreams consist of him waking up every 5 minutes to come to the mall and submit another mod, another feature on the site or to help out anyone in anyway he can. I cant tell you the ammount of times ive approached him about adding a feature to the mall to help me "hey hammer is it possible to add a thing that does this that and the other?" no sooner have i asked that he replies "you mean like this, oh and by the way heres another TWC3 mod pack to add in"

I am far too braindrained to go into detail of what specifically these 2 did.
Also TGO for making every single persons Attributes in a thoroughly thought out way aswell as offering help all the way through where he could.

Troma the official Japanese fed representitive, did all the Japanese feds guys and a couple of others too. Im pretty sure im gonna get a bashing for mistakes in that fed lol, he is very passionate and protective of the NoaH fed.

The people who made the movesets you are great to deal with such work i find so incredibly time consuming, impossible to find a good set and even find the patience to do.

Tesirus for helping and keeping me company with talking on subject matters that are not the norm for most people. ;)

VilleyBoy for providing music themes 2-25 and 43-99 saved me a hell of a job.

I really cant think at the moment and regret missing anyone who i should give a specific direct thanks to.

So a BIG thanks to everyone who contributed, a thank you to the patient mallers who really gave me the feelings of kids at christmas which is hard to come by.

Thanks for all the sugestions, feedback, help, interest and offers of help.

Great work guys.
Take a well deserved break.
"Give me a gun that never fires! Give me a sword that is ever blunt! Give me a weapon that deals no wound, so long as it always strikes fear!"