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MMW Summertime Bruise / Re: MMW: SummerTime Bruise 2023 - Parts 1-3
« Last post by -The Real- Big Pete on September 19, 2023, 05:42:02 pm »
Part 3 is here for your viewing pleasure! Will be fully HD viewable from 19:00hrs BST/14:00 ET/08:00 PT:

MMW Summertime Bruise / Re: MMW: SummerTime Bruise 2023 - Parts 1-3
« Last post by -The Real- Big Pete on September 11, 2023, 07:03:40 pm »
Part 2 will Premiere at 21:00hrs BST/16:00 ET/13:00 PT

MMW Summertime Bruise / MMW: SummerTime Bruise 2023 - Parts 1-4
« Last post by -The Real- Big Pete on September 03, 2023, 07:49:21 pm »
Part 1 of the Hottest Ticket this Summer...premiere's at 21:00hrs BST!

Promo Center / MMW: SummerTime Bruise 2023 - Match Card
« Last post by -The Real- Big Pete on August 21, 2023, 01:07:18 pm »
Before everyone is 'All In London', the MPire Mall Wrestling Roster invites you to their hot ticket at Scarborough's Open Air Theatre the day before the Elite stake their claims in Wembley. Get ready for SummerTime Bruise 2023!

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Finallllllly! Part 4 is here...at least it will be fully accessible from 20:00hrs today (15/08/2023). I have staggered it so that the HD version can fully process for your general entertainment! I hope you enjoy these last 2 matches when they appear!

Part 3 is here! Part 4 will be posted either Monday or Tuesday next week!

Part 2 will go live on Sunday 23rd July 2023 at Midnight...so whilst you wait...why not catch up with past MMW shows...or sit and anticipate the start of the video below... ;)

The first part of the WarZone PPV is here...

Part 2 will follow either Sunday or Monday next week depending on how this week pans out!
After a delay brought on by real-life events in Big Pete's life (the sad passing of his Mum) and then the decending of WWE into the UK last weekend, MMW decided to move the WarZone event that had been planned for the end of June to the 7th of July instead! So the scene will be set in Sheffield, England as the MMW Roster gets Extreme!

Full Break Down:

The OG Admin Vs The Whack Brothers
Simon & Ross face Ax and Oz in a Hardcore environment, the winners of this match will then be entered into the MMW Tag Team Championship later in the evening, taking place inside the Cell!

MMW All-Star Championship - Last Man Standing:
Layne Sifer [C] Vs Uberbeast

After the double count out at May Day Madness, Uber is given the opportunity to bring gold into the N.n.W.o. stable.

Title Contract Massacre:
'The Real' Big Pete & Dr. Numbre Jr Vs Sir Domino III & Oliver Marx

Sir Domino's friend was the man who attacked Pete at May Day Madness, and so Pete is offering both men an opportunity...if they can grab the specially made plastic belts, they will receive a title opportunity of their choosing at the next PPV.

Black Cage Match:
Roxy Fawkes [C] Vs Cho Hawasavong

Can Roxy defend her Training Dungeon Top Talent belt against the woman who beat her in her first Dungeon match? The unforgiving steel of the Black Cage will see who is better...

MMW Most Hardcore Scramble Match:
D3Rang3d [C] Vs Yap Massacre Vs The Crippler Vs Deamon Vs Mike Omega

Can D3 continue his Hardcore Dominance in the match now synominous with Extreme MMW Violence? The 4 other competitors might have their own ideas!

LiveWire Tag Championship - Extreme Elimination Match:
Roxx Nation (Lexxi & Vikki) [C] Vs The Paine Makers (Alyson Paine & Jane Doe)

Can the Roxx Nation retain their LiveWire Tag Titles in this Hardcore War Elimination Contest?

8-Man Extreme Eliminator: Bernie Thompson Vs 'The Tiger Warrior' Kai Vs Heavy Metal Mike Vs Side Show Slob Vs Kenny Time Vs Wonderland Vs Super Mongo Man Vs T-Neck
8 Men enter the Extreme Arena and fight for survival! The Last Man Standing will recieve an MMW Unified Title Shot

Extreme Euro-Rules MMW Unified Championship Triple Threat:
Luc Sifer [C] Vs Santin Farenhate Vs Mat Dickie

The incumbent champion must not only fend off two opponents, but also score 2 out of 3 falls to keep hold of the gold! Can the Dark Lord muster the strength to take on tough man Mat and the Hate Society's deviant Santin Farenhate?

MMW Tag Team Championship - Triple Threat in Hell Match:
The Defiled [C] Vs Rated X 2.0 Vs ?

Can Damien and Daniel redress the balance and reign victorious in the Hellish structure of the Cell? Will H.F.D. and Vincent rise to the top in the newly revamped Rated X team? Or indeed will the Whacks or OG Admin scale the heady heights in more ways than one to become MMW Tag Team Champions?

Main Event - MMW Women's Extreme 4-Way Match:
Dixie Clements [C] Vs Tonya Harmon Vs Trish British Vs Fractal

The Yankee Rose rides into this match on top of the mountain, will the Extreme environment be too much for her to bear...or will she pull out all the stops and utilize that under ring plunder to her advantage?
I was angry twice, Unable to create 3D scene. Read from forum launch with Dxwnd nope still Unable to create 3D scene.Anybody had this problem please help
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