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Title: Legal Disclaimer
Post by: Lord Tony Spike on September 17, 2020, 08:45:27 pm
All logos on this site are considered Trademarks of MMW™️, MPire Mall™️, Encore Mall™️ & Revolution Mall™️ and their original creators in their present form, please seek permission before using them, any fonts used in the logos are owned by their individual creators and are adapted for our use under creative commons licence

MMW™️, Mpire Mall Wrestling™️, MPire Mall™️, Encore Mall™️, Revolution Mall™️, Mall of Fame™️ and The Mall™️ are all trademarks of The Mall Network Inc™️ and their original creators

any similarities to real life logos are used none profit & for parody purposes and as such are protected by the digital millennium copywrite act

it is considered by The Mall™️ and all of its subdivisions that any assumed reference to the character played by Mike Mizanin (hereafter referred to as The Miz) by the MMW™️ logo is false and therefore unenforceable by WWE,

The Mall™️ has considered this symbol a trademark in some way shape or form since 2006 (and we have the pages from Wayback Machine archived for legal purposes ......see included image) since WWE didnt use this symbol to repesent The Miz till 2011 any legal challenges will be met with the phrase "kindly fuck off Asshat's™️ we got their first"

Asshat™️ and Asshat's™️ are trademarks of 'The Real' Big Pete (2011)