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Author Topic: MMW Presents - Mall Survival 2022 - Match Card  (Read 4192 times)

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MMW Presents - Mall Survival 2022 - Match Card
« on: November 07, 2022, 06:50:50 pm »
The dust of the Apocalypse has barely settled (in the world of broadcast MMW2KTV that is...), but there are pieces to be picked up and Survival of the fittest is the order of the day, so on November 12th 2022 the specially selected live MMW audience will witness the first Mall Survival PPV of the new era and in a twist to the "traditional" PPV that has dominated this time of year for decades, MMW spices things up with the "Born Survivor" concept...16 men will fight in Fatal-4-Way Elimination contests, leaving only 4 eligible to join the MMW Unified Champion and the man actioning his rematch clause inside the Born Survival Chamber...it's gonna be an exciting night...so tune in when the first part airs on November 16th to see the spectacle!

The full card is as follows:

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