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Author Topic: MMW: Revolution - Mall Justice 2022 - Match Card  (Read 4145 times)

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MMW: Revolution - Mall Justice 2022 - Match Card
« on: September 12, 2022, 04:22:34 pm »

The Match Card (Event recorded on 11/09/22):

The MMW Roster entertains again in the Revolution Staging...this time Justice is the order of the day...

MMW Tag Team Championship:
The Dream Marine Team Vs The Defiled (C)

Following the Whack Brothers earning a title shot on the back of their victory at SummerTime Bruise, Whack Ax sustained an injury at a house show, meaning they would not be able to commit to this match, rather than hold another #1 contenders match, Mat Dickie cajoled Big Pete into letting him fill the slot with his other Federation Online Tag Team specialists...so Major Merc and Sargeant Acer step into the breach and face the reigning Champions, Damien Defiler and Daniel Sifer...

Kendra Vs Fractal
Kendra has been goading Fractal backstage since June, so Fractal approached the MMW Owners (Big Pete and HFD) to ask for this contest. Will Fractal prove herself against the wily, underhanded T-Generation-Xer?!

MMW Most Hardcore Championship - No Holds Barred Match:
Countdown Vs The Demon Seed (C)

The Demon Seed has been showcasing his Most Hardcore skills since winning the belt at an early house show in this new era, can Countdown stop the momentum by taking him out in a No Holds Barred Match?

Submission Match:
Erika Vs Cho Hawasavong

Erika looks to prove her dominance as a member of We Are Renegades as she challenges Cho to show her resilience in a Submission Match.

Triple Threat Tag Team Tables Match:
The 'OG' Admin Vs The Main Event Vs Kai & Kamodo Dragon

Three teams look for their own brands of Justice as 'The Boss', 'The Irn Sheik', Kenny Time, Synther, 'The Tiger Warrior' and his brother seek to put their opponent through a table!

Tonya Harmon Vs Katya Menelli

These warring vixens clash one more time...who will come out on top?

Steel Cage Match:
Triple T Vs Tee Neck

Tee Neck has been badgered by Triple T for weeks, since Triple T returned to MMW...so Justice will be served to one of these men...inside the confines of a Steel Cage!

MMW Women's Championship:
Alyson Paine Vs Dixie Clemets (C) w/Mat Dickie

The Mistress of the Dark looks to take back what she has possessed since MMW returned, following the shocking turn of her fortunes at SummerTime Bruise. Can Mat's Cowgirl extraordinare keep hold of the gold she acquired in such a dominant fashion?

8-Man Battle Royale:
"The Real" Big Pete Vs HFD Vs Tweej 24/7 Vs Hardcore Hero Vs Samy Santana Vs
Heavy Metal Mike Vs Wonderland Vs D3Rang3d

Six men battle for supremacy as they share the ring with both Big Pete and HFD in an over the top rope match of madness! The end game...be the last man standing here and you will recieve an opportunity to face the man who remains upright in the Main Event and thusly holds the Unified Championship!

MMW Unified Championship - Last Man Standing Match:
The Dude Vs The Punisher (C)

Two MMW veterans square up in a Last Man Standing Match for the MMW Unified Championship. Can All-Star Champ, The Dude add to his belt collection by toppling over Punisher Towers? Either way...Punishment is Due and Justice Will Be Served!

Keep your eyes peeled for the weekly broadcast of this event...coming soon...