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Author Topic: Character Submission Rules (Please Read)  (Read 4701 times)

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Character Submission Rules (Please Read)
« on: August 12, 2021, 04:29:21 pm »
Becoming a part of MMW is relatively simple, but there are a few important steps and rules to follow.

Step 1 - You must own WWE 2K22 (on either console or PC), as we are using the PC version. This is necessary to allow you to edit your character into the game.

Step 2 - Create a Wrestler, Entrance, Move Set, Side Plates and Personal Logo (for use in MMW Media).

Note: In addition to complying with existing Mpire Mall rules, swear words or potentially offensive symbols are not permitted on any part of your character application - This is to protect you as well as us, as 2K has a nasty habit of banning accounts that use overt profanity on their creations.

Step 3 - Upload to Community Creations under the personal Hashtag, MMWEFEDSUB

Step 4 - Notify staff to download your character by creating a Character Submission thread based on this You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login, post it in this You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.

There are a few rules general rules and guidelines to follow:

Wrestler Creation

There are no restrictions on character appearance, although submissions will be vetted to ensure in universe consistency and to make sure they are appropriate for our product.

If you need face textures for your character, head to our Discord server and ask under the channel #Highspots-texture-workshop for assistance. If a member with availability can assist they will do so, but it is recommended that members learn how to carry out this step themselves to allow for changes in future.

You are allowed 2 Attires (1 wrestler slot). If you wish to update your look at any time, you should message the MMW booking team (@'The Real' Big Pete#2548 and @HighFlyingDwarf#0014) so that they are made aware.

Name Information
It is not necessary to add an announcer name to your creation. Announcers will be turned off during filming and replaced with a voice over, although it might help to choose a name for your wrestler from this list just in case.

Personal Information
Most of these settings (Crowd Reaction, Crowd Balance, Hometown, Signs Side Plates, Hit Point Ratio) can be set to your liking, however, the following settings have limits set to them in order to keep the statistics fair, you WILL however be notified on how your wrestler is growing and be offered the chance to update them every so often at your bookers discretion.

Skills - You may pick up to 3 basic actions, 4 special match actions, 2 special actions and 6 OMG moments, so choose wisely, you may get the opportunity to add more down the line depending on how you grow so don't worry about the rest, you are a rookie at the moment.

Attributes - All attributes can be set freely, as long as your overall rating does not exceed 70 (a good start for a rookie) as with skills - your rating will improve over time.

Abilities - You will be allowed to start with 2x LV1 ability's of your choice and 1 x LV2 ability, again you may gain more as you progress.

Entrance Creation
Entrances must have NO music and have all video settings turned off, this is to make editing easier and keep the graphics in shows consistent ..it is NON NEGOTIABLE

Your ACTUAL entrance music will be described by you in your application form so that the booker can suggest options to you in order to avoid copyright issues, as YouTube is not the free-for-all it once was! So please don't request actual songs that were created for real world wrestlers (past or present), nor can you can ask for actual songs by well known artists (again YouTube is pretty strict these days...for example, old MMW shows were awash with AC/DC...and these days, all AC/DC songs on this kind of created content are blocked outright!). So you can ask for 'something that sounds like Motorhead' and  something that sounds like Motorhead will be seached for...this ensures there are no uploading headaches for the content creators!

Moveset Creation
Movesets can be set as you like. For booking purposes, please record the names of your finishers and specials on the creation form, as with your Entrance Music

Side Plates
you must provide this as a PNG, use the template provided here  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to create this then attach it to your form

Wrestler Logo
This will be used by the bookers to create graphics, so you will need to create one and attach it to your form. We understand that different people have different levels of capability when it comes to graphic design, so it does not have to be super high quality or perfect.

Once your form is created, it will be verified and upon approval by MMW staff you will be added to the roster. If your character requires amendments due to similarities with other members of the roster we will let you know.
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