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Author Topic: TWC III Installation Instructions  (Read 7110 times)

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TWC III Installation Instructions
« on: December 14, 2020, 10:01:41 am »
Step by Step Guide how to install TWCIII
More advice will be added over time!

Step 1 : Install Wrestling Encore

Wrestling Encore 1.6 Installation

If you have WRESTLING ENCORE BOXED version then install your game as normal from the disk.
Now you need to update it to 1.6

If you are using the WRESTLING ENCORE TRIAL version that you have activated by PAYING for it then you need the latest version that is already patched up to 1.6
(This is all outdated advice, as of 2020 the game is now free and fully patched ....only do these two things if you somehow have a REALLY old version)

Newer Versions install using the installer

Step 2 : Test the game!

Thoroughly test the game, dont add any mods or anything, play a couple of test matches and check that there is no thumbtack bag in everyones hand.

Step 3 : Back up some files!

Go into your Wrestling Encore folder and you will find a folder called Data right click on it and click copy.
Make a folder and call it something like encore default backups and paste the Data folder you just copied into it.
Also copy the folders Music and Sound  and paste them into your folder you made called encore default backups

Once you have downloaded it and ready to install then simply double click the exe and follow the instructions, you MUST check that the installation path is consistant with your game path.
for example if your game is C:\Program Files\MDickie\Wrestling Encore Trial\ then the patch must also be targeted to the same folder.
One of the things you have to keep in mind is that if you are using the TRIAL then the path target needs to be renamed \Wrestling Encore Trial so that it can extract the patch to the correct folder.

Once you have done this then its time to test.
Simply start your game as normal.


That is the precise tried, tested and confirmed steps to install!
____________________________________________ __________________

If it still wont work!

Here is a few things to try.

1. Remember the Music and Audio folders you backed up earlier, well go into your game folder and delete the Music and Audio folders and put these default ones into the folder (thus completely swapping them back to default).

2. Delete the data folder and put in its place the data folder that you backed up earlier.

Please keep in mind this patch is very demanding and it may not work for everyone!
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