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Title: Under Development
Post by: Lord Tony Spike on December 15, 2020, 04:02:01 am

Gaming history was literally "made" this time - in a game about the games industry itself! Spanning over 30 years from 1981 to 2011 and beyond, Under Development puts the controller in your hands at gaming's most pivotal moments. Walk the halls of 9 different companies and assemble a team of specialists in 6 key areas - from design and programming to graphics and sound. Then let them loose on over 30 pieces of increasingly sophisticated hardware - all lovingly brought to life in photo-realistic 3D. And every step of the way, you'll be using games to make games - via dozens of charming sub-games that reflect your efforts. But if you thought game development was about bringing dreams to life, prepare to contend with the nightmares of office politics, fickle fans, scathing reviews, and economic woes! Whether you aspire to make games or play them, Under Development is an affectionate tribute to the ultimate art form...

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