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Author Topic: [Show #19] Enemy Funeral (8th, January 2012) (Incomplete)  (Read 1389 times)


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[Show #19] Enemy Funeral (8th, January 2012) (Incomplete)
« on: December 26, 2020, 08:46:56 pm »
This show is currently lost to time on the internet. There is only one match that survived. If anyone is able to find this show in its completion, please contact me and you will get 100% credit. Thank you.

Match 1:   Kenny Heights Vs Kevin Empire

Match 2:   Ed Fire (w/ Tony Fire) Vs Josh Stone

Match 3:   CJ Sixer Vs Tyson Roders

The crowd sends heat towards Tyson Roders as he steps out of the curtains and raises his fist into the air, he takes off his t-shirt with a smirk on his face while he makes his way down to the ring. He rolls into the ring and throws his shirt into the crowd, he jumps on the middle turnbuckle then taunts as the boos continue. They turn to cheers as CJ Sixer makes his way out, he points at Tyson while they both make eye contact, he makes his way down to the ring while clapping the fans’ hands and a smile on his face. He gets in the ring and they both walk up to each other as the referee tries to get them to their neutral corners.

The bell rings and they both straight away start to punch each other on the head, CJ Sixer gets the upperhand and continues to hit Tyson Roders on the head, Tyson then boots him in the abdomen and runs off the ropes until CJ leaps up and hits Tyson with a Dropkick, he quickly goes for a pin but gets a 1 count. They get to their feet then CJ kicks him in the abdomen, he hooks his head and connects a DDT, he rolls back up to his feet and quickly hits a Leg Drop, he hooks the leg again but gets a 2 count. He sits Tyson up until he grabs CJ’s head and throws him overhead with a Snapmare, they both get to their feet and Tyson throws CJ overhead with an Arm Drag, CJ rolls to his feet and throws Tyson overhead with his own Arm Drag. They both get up and Tyson swiftly steps to the side and goes for a Super Kick until CJ dodges it and goes for a Spinning Back Elbow until Tyson also dodges as he runs off the ropes, he lifts his foot and goes for a Big Boot but CJ ducks under and quickly swings back for a Clothesline until Tyson rolls under and back to his feet, then leaps up and sends CJ down with a Running Calf Kick, he hooks the leg but gets a 2 count. The crowd then applauds for the sequence they witnessed.

Tyson Roders then sits him up as he grabs his head and locks on a Sleeper Hold, CJ Sixer tries to get free but pressure is applied, Tyson wrenches at his head while the crowd starts to chant. CJ eventually gets to one knee and elbows Tyson on the ribs, causing him to let go as CJ gets to his feet. Tyson goes for a punch but CJ ducks it and leaps off the middle ropes overheard with a Springboard Moonsault! He hooks the leg but gets a 2 count. They both get back up to their feet and CJ elbows him on the jaw, Tyson stumbles back and runs to him until Tyson quickly grabs his head and connects a Jawbreaker, CJ falls to one knee as Tyson runs off the ropes and sends CJ down with a Shining Wizard, he goes for a pin but gets a 2 count. He gets up to his feet as he holds his head from the earlier attack, he drags CJ back up to his feet and kicks him in the chest, CJ falls to the ropes as Tyson continues to boot him in the chest until CJ catches his leg, the crowd cheers until Tyson leaps up and sends CJ down with an Enziguri.

Tyson Roders picks him up and hits him with an elbow shot, CJ Sixer goes for a punch but is blocked and punched in the face, Tyson laughs as the crowd sends heat towards him. Tyson knees him in the ribs causing CJ to fall to his knees as he holds his ribs, Tyson gets on the second turnbuckle as he looks out into the crowd, he then leaps off until CJ springs up to his feet and elbows Tyson on the jaw, he falls to one knee as he holds his face while CJ begins to get momentum. Tyson gets back up and CJ hits him with a Back Elbow, he stumbles as CJ taunts to the now cheering crowd, he hooks Tyson’s head and lifts him up then connects a Suplex, he continues to hold onto his head and gets back up to his feet while hooking Tyson’s head, he lifts him again up into the air and drives his head onto the canvas with a Brainbuster! He hooks the leg but gets a 2 count! CJ gets disappointed as he gets to one knee, he grabs Tyson’s arm as he drags him up to his feet, he throws him into the turnbuckle then runs towards him and hits him with a Corner Clothesline. He grabs his arm and goes to throw him until Tyson reverses and throws CJ into the opposite turnbuckle instead, he runs to him and hits his own Corner Clothesline.

CJ Sixer stumbles out of the corner while Tyson Roders recuperates, he then runs off the ropes until CJ swiftly throws him overhead with a Powerslam. CJ gets to his feet as he taunts to the crowd once again, they chant for him as Tyson slowly gets back up, CJ grabs his arm and throws him off the ropes until Tyson ducks a punch and steps to the side then boots CJ in the jaw with a Super Kick, he stumbles on his feet as Tyson gets angry, he goes for another Super Kick but CJ grabs his leg and waist, then lifts him up with a Saito Suplex, he goes for a cover but gets a 2 count. They both get to their feet and CJ goes for a kick but Tyson blocks it and hits him in the face with a forearm, he grabs CJ’s arm and throws him into the turnbuckle, he runs to him until CJ boots him in the face, Tyson stumbles away as CJ begins to climb up the turnbuckle. Tyson then runs and jumps onto the second turnbuckle, they begin to punch each other until Tyson goes for a forearm but CJ grabs his arm as he ducks it, he then quickly lifts Tyson up as he throws him off the turnbuckle and connects a Super T-Bone Suplex! CJ hooks the leg and it gets the 3 count… Winner via Super T-Bone Suplex: CJ Sixer

Match 4:   Thomas R. West Vs Matt Greer     (Non-Title Match)

Match 5:   Hocktus and Team Turismo (David Zutos & Hawk Knight) Vs Dino Nuo and Project H.E.R.O (Adam Faith & Corvo)