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Why does my game crash?
If you get a  Memory Access Violation (MAV) or other type of crash or any error go to You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Why does the game take so long to load?
It does due to the increase in texture size and quality, as well as the heavier file size for the 3D and audio. You can help load times by having no other programs running in the background. Defragging your harddrive wouldn't hurt, either.

Help! I'm getting MAVs!
A generic way to deal with MAV problems is by making sure that your video and sound card drivers are up-to-date, even if they're integrated. It's always a good idea to specify your computer info (processor, RAM, video card, et cetera) as well as anything you may have done (in the TWC3 folder) since installing TWC3 when you ask for help. It will help us diagnose the MAV.

Does this work with Booking Encore?
No this is designed to work with Wrestling Encore 1.6 only.
However a Booking Encore patch is in the works.

Why are the textures so blurry in the distance? Isn't this a high res mod?
You need to force your video card (or integrated video, if it is capable) to utilize "anisotropic filtering". It sharpens all textures from a distance, giving you a crisp and clean look. There may be a slight to moderate loss in framerate, depending on how powerful your computer and video card are. The method for enabling it depends on your video card brand (nVidia and ATi, for example).

nVidia users: If you're using the Forceware drivers, right click the taskbar icon. Go to "Performance and Quality Settings",  then "Anisotropic Filtering". Set it to at least 4x. If you're really straining for a good framerate, then 2x is your best bet.
ATi users: If you're using the Catalyst drivers, double click the taskbar icon. In the window that opens up, go to the "View" tab, extend the "3D" list (click the plus sign), then find the setting for "Anisotropic Filtering" Set it to at least 8x.

If the framerate doesn't suffer (covered below) you can also improve visuals by playing the game at a 1024x768 (or higher) resolution for a crisper look.

The game's running ridiculously slow during intense matches. What can I do to speed it up?
If you're willing to abandon the health meters, disabling them (F4) can gain some more frames per second. Disabling non-essentials like managers and referees can help, too. Lowering the resolution is also effective, though it will cause a minor mis-alignment problem with the editor color (QWE/ASW) window.
Why aren't the 3D crowders animating? Why do they show up in the arena (only) - even when it's supposed to be empty?
These are unfortunate setbacks that came with adding a 3D crowd. Due to the nature of how textures are applied in the game, the 3D crowders had to remain separate from the 2D ones - which means that they do not inherit the same bouncing animation and disabling features.

From a distance, certain objects sometimes have tearing lines / a black sphere going through them. What's the deal?
These are bugs that are a limitation of MDickie's Encore series engine. Unfortunately, we don't have a workaround for this.

Where are the blood puddles?
Strange one this but as it was a FAQ I gotta add it, There is no blood puddles in Encore what so ever, They was a feature in Wrestling/Booking MPire but never Mpire

Why didn't [insert wrestler here] make the cut?
Even after cutting women wrestlers, Chris Benoit (last minute decision), and limiting the amount of deceased superstars... it isn't possible to include everybody in the industry. We tried to hit as many active, recent, and notable superstars as we could.

What's the deal with ROH and OVW?
Don't take those feds' names literally. TWC3 features a new twist on these feds. ROH is for established stars that have already done what they can, while OVW is for the lesser known guys that haven't really made their mark in the mainstream wrestling world yet.

What's wrong with everyone's moves?
Unfortunately, we had a lack of commitment from those that had more free time compared to others, when it came down to doing something as simple as assigning movesets. Therefore, the result is half baked. However, we will address these problems (and others) in a TWC3 update patch.

Why does [insert wrestler here] have a generic theme?
With around 80 (excluding the menu/generic music) themes to assign to superstars, we had to allocate theme music to the main 6 feds (the ones most active in career mode). Therefore, not everyone will be able to have their own theme music.

Why aren't women wrestlers a part of TWC3?
In a poll given to the mall, it was decided that TWC3 would not focus on women wrestlers. Not to mention that the Encore engine depicts women illogically - placing them in non-gimmick matches against other men, and questioning the player about steroids... for example. However, don't count them out for the next project.

Is their new body models included with this patch?
Yes it features Teknomans NBM's V3.1 (as in TWC2) but I (imp) along with Turtleneck are tweaking a few things so that it will reflect the average weapons seen on wrestling shows like WWE and TNA. (See TWCIII Update board).

I can't stand the soundtrack! Is there a way to disable/change it?
You can, by modifying the Theme01.mp3 file or deleting it. Don't worry, that won't cause a MAV (error). There's a blank WAV file named "Theme01" that the game will play instead.

I couldn't see the credits image that shows when I close Encore! The text covers it up!
You can find it here.

Hasn't this been in development since last year? What took you so long?
Yeah, but in 2006... everything wasn't co-ordinated, we had people not submitting their mods, and work wasn't being done quickly. Consider 2007 the "start" of TWC3 development. Even with a plethora of setbacks, we still managed to pull off a release before the next MDickie wrestling series game.

Will the next project be done in a photorealistic style? Surreal? MDickie-Cartoon?
It depends what the Mall wants. Turtleneck was thinking more of a surreal kind of look with photorealistic elements. Picture wrestling on top of a skyscraper at night, or in an arena influenced by the Roman Coliseum. It's not what Turtle wants - it's what the Mall wants.

When will work begin on the next project?
After a hefty break from MDickie modding, we may start pitching (and hearing ideas as soon as Mat's next project nears completion. Just note that nothing is set in stone.

What are the minimum system requirements?
There is no known exact min specs although Turtleneck suggests:
Processor: Celeron D or above; somewhere in the 1-3 GHz range.
Video: 64MB, capable of atleast Shader Model 1.
RAM: 512MB of RAM or more. (You can always add virtual memory to compensate for the lack of RAM, though it's always better to add more actual RAM.)

A sound doesnt match the weapon and/or when I pick up a weapon it changes into another one?
This is fixed ready for TWCIII Alpha (The updated release coming soon).
"Give me a gun that never fires! Give me a sword that is ever blunt! Give me a weapon that deals no wound, so long as it always strikes fear!"

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Tips from the creators

Courtesy of Teknoman :

Probably cause you are using NBMv3 get NBMv3.1
if not just go to \Sound\Props and replace the Impact_Hammer.WAV with the original file.

For the turnbuckle problem just erase the turnbuckles attached to the apron and delete the "dummies" from the turnbuckles, load the originals from the default MD arena and thats it but you wont have the custom corner pads for every promotion

A tip from 'The Real' Big Pete

If you want to use the TWCIII ring textures with the original arenas, you'll have to crop each feds aprons to the single apron (which ever you the case of PPV's...probably the apron with the PPV name on it,  you'll also need to flip it horizontally!), and crop and rotate one of the turnbuckles from the same jpg and save it as 'pad.jpg' in the arena folder. Of course you won't be able to have "T", "N", "A" on the separate pads, and you will have to remember to change the 'pad.jpg' to suit whichever fed you are wrestling for, if you want authenticity!?!, but this is a small price to pay for the greatness!! ;)

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"Give me a gun that never fires! Give me a sword that is ever blunt! Give me a weapon that deals no wound, so long as it always strikes fear!"