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Author Topic: Sir Domino The Third Character Submission  (Read 3191 times)


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Sir Domino The Third Character Submission
« on: November 09, 2022, 02:39:08 am »
Name: Sir Domino The Third
Nickname: Domino, The Domino King
Themes: Face: Something that sounds like afi Heel: Something that sounds like ramones.
Gimmick description:
Face: Talk Show Host
Heel: Cooler Than You (2014 Miz)
Neutral: Underdog
Favorite Moves: Cant say there are many for him.
Signatures: 3-To-1 (Torpedo Moscow) Afterglow Combo (Afterglow Combo)
Finishers: Up 'n' Down (Running Sit-Out Jawbreaker) Domino Effect (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)
Background: A young kid from juneau alaska grew up watching a combo of his favorite wrestling company, federation online, and his favorite talk show, the mdickie show, he thought "Hey what the hell, i think i should hurt myself for the public gain, when i grow up, i'm gonna be a wrestler" so when he turned 18 he started wrestling training, he didn't do well in class until his teacher came up and said "Boy, listen, you can do better than that." so he trained hardedr and harder, he ran a talk show by side, and here he is now, trying out or MMW.

(Pardon the horrible side plates, i'm not a very good artist)